The Dos and Don’ts of Filing an Insurance Claim

what to do when filing an insurance claim

You can avoid filing an insurance claim by ensuring that your insurance policy is up to date.

Serious losses can come from one automobile accident, including lost work, high medical bills, property damage, death, or life-long injuries. If you find that your insurance coverage is not being handled appropriately, or the insurer of the at-fault driver is refusing payment, you may need the help of a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys at Simons and Goldner can file an insurance claim and help you receive the settlement you deserve. However, if you take the wrong approach with filing your insurance claim, it can have a dramatic impact on your life. Read on to learn what to do when filing an insurance claim, as well as potentially harmful actions to avoid. 

What to Do When Filing an Insurance Claim

Before an Auto Accident

There are steps you can take before you have even been in an auto accident, to make sure that your coverage is what you want it to be. You should periodically review your insurance policy and make sure you understand what your coverages are. You should especially review your plan if any of your driving habits change, or you find yourself driving more frequently in high-risk, heavy-traffic areas.

After an Auto Accident

Immediately after an auto accident, call your insurance agent to report the incident. Take pictures of the scene of the accident, as well as any injuries sustained to yourself or your passengers. When reporting the accident, remain honest the entire time. Finally, document everything from your medical bills to any other expenses incurred from the accident. These documents are essential in helping your personal injury attorney file an accurate claim. 

What Not to Do When Filing an Insurance Claim

Sometimes after an auto accident, people can be angry or upset enough to make rash decisions. However, these impulsive decisions could hurt potential settlements in the future. Avoid doing the following actions: 

  • Don’t provide a statement to your insurer until you understand your policy.
  • Don’t accept an estimate or appraisal that isn’t fair; take your time to analyze these estimates. 
  • Don’t accept a payment marked as “final payment.” If you accept a “final payment,” you agree not to pursue further action. 
  • Don’t sign a waiver or release without legal advice. 
  • Don’t accept anything you deem unfair. Remember that an insurance adjuster is working for the insurance company, not you. 

If you have made any of these missteps, you may still schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney at Simons and Goldner to determine how to move forward. 

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