While many individuals are wary about slip and fall accidents that could be caused by icy winter surfaces, unpredictable springtime weather can also lead to serious accidents. During this time of year, large puddles can form from rainfall, and dips and cracks in the pavement may be obscured. Additionally, commercial properties are routinely cleaning their […]

When You Should Call Your Towson Injury Lawyer

There are several instances in which you may believe you have been injured due to the fault of someone else. If you were injured in a car accident, juggling insurance claims can make determining fault and getting the payments you are owed quite a headache. It is during these moments when you should consider calling […]

Getting arrested can be a stressful and even frightening ordeal, and can become even more so when you don’t know what steps to take next. There are, in fact, several things you will have to do after an arrest to make sure that you follow the legal process correctly. To help you feel a little […]

Parking lots can be incredibly risky because of the high number of drivers packed into what is often a small space. Due to the number of factors at play, various car accidents can happen within a parking lot. If you are involved in a parking lot collision, it may not be immediately clear which car […]

How to Share the Road With Bicyclists

Each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, hundreds of bicyclists die in traffic accidents involving motor vehicles, and thousands more suffer serious injuries. When you are driving on the road, you must do your part to drive safely and share the road with bicyclists, as a person on a bike is much […]

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end car accidents are the most common type of road accidents. When a driver is paying more attention to their phone or their passengers, they are more likely to rear-end a vehicle. Usually, the person who rear-ends the other car is going to be held liable for […]

4 Common Myths About Slip and Fall Claims

If you have been hurt by slipping or falling on someone else’s property, you may be wondering whether you can file a claim and receive compensation to cover any injuries incurred in this event. Slip and fall claims are often worth pursuing, but a lot of bad information out there can make it seem as […]

As unpredictable winter weather continues to affect our daily lives, driving can become treacherous. When roads are covered in snow, ice, or freezing rain, you are at an increased risk of being in an auto accident. One of the most dangerous effects of winter weather is when isolated ice patches form on the road, which […]

Many car accident claims try to prove negligence. Negligence is defined as a failure to exercise the care expected of a responsible person in the circumstance at hand. Negligence of the at-fault car driver in a collision can often be the reason for an accident happening in the first place. Legally, a negligent person can […]

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