5 Parking Lot Accidents and How to Determine Liability with Your Towson Accident Lawyer

Towson acciden lawyer determines liability in parking lot accidents

Your Towson accident lawyer can help determine liability in complicated parking lot accidents.

Parking lots can be incredibly risky because of the high number of drivers packed into what is often a small space. Due to the number of factors at play, various car accidents can happen within a parking lot. If you are involved in a parking lot collision, it may not be immediately clear which car is at fault. The highly populated Towson, Maryland area is full of parking lots in which you may be at risk for the following collisions. The information below may help you determine liability, but if you have any concerns about your insurance claims, contact your Towson accident lawyer at Simons & Goldner for a free initial consultation. 

Two Drivers Back Up Into Each Other

In this case, both cars are moving, so both drivers are responsible, and neither driver has the right of way. Each is responsible for checking the surrounding area before backing up. In this instance, both drivers may share fault for the accident. In this case, contacting a Towson accident lawyer is especially helpful, as the other driver may argue against their liability. 

A Vehicle Pulls Forward Out of a Space, Into Traffic

In this instance, both cars are moving, so both drivers are responsible. In parking lots, drivers in the traffic lane have the right of way, so the driver who pulled out of the parking space is most likely the party at fault in this accident. 

A Vehicle Backs Out of a Space, Into an Oncoming Car

Again, because both vehicles are moving, both drivers hold some responsibility. However, the driver in the traffic lane has the right of way. The driver backing out is responsible for waiting until the space is clear to back out. If there is a collision between the two cars, the driver backing out is likely to be deemed at fault. 

Two Cars Collide While Vying for the Same Space

When two cars rush to get one parking space, they can collide with each other. Both vehicles were moving, so both drivers carried responsibility, but who had the right of way? As on roadways, the driver making a turn across traffic must yield to oncoming traffic, so the driver turning left into the space is likely the at-fault party. However, factors like points of impact on the vehicles, how far each vehicle was into the space, and the speed of the cars before impact will help determine liability. By collecting information from the collision scene and consulting your Towson accident lawyer, you can argue for the correct liability. 

A Vehicle Rear-Ends A Car at a Stop Sign

In this instance, only one vehicle will be moving, and that driver will most likely be the at-fault driver in this accident. Even when the car in front stops suddenly, the driver in the second car will still often be at-fault, due to the expectation of drivers keeping enough distance between their car and the car in front of them. 

After a parking lot collision, exchange insurance information with the other driver, take photos, and, if possible, gather information from witnesses. If there is any confusion about liability, contact your Towson accident lawyer immediately to discuss your case. 

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