What to Expect When You Go to Court for an Auto Accident

go to court for an auto accident

Be prepared for what to expect when you must go to court for an auto accident.

In the event of an auto collision, your insurance company and your personal injury lawyer will attempt to settle the case with any other drivers involved efficiently. However, sometimes, you may need to go to court. When that happens, it is best to know what to expect so that you are fully prepared. We outline below the basic process for taking an auto accident to court. 

When You May Need to Go to Court for an Auto Accident

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, they will work to investigate and gather evidence of your auto damages and personal injuries. If your lawyer and the other driver’s insurance company can reach a fair settlement, then the case is settled, and you can avoid court. However, there are a few situations which will likely require you to go to court: 

  • The other driver’s insurance company does not offer a fair settlement
  • Despite negotiations, the insurance company won’t pay more for damages
  • Both parties cannot agree on who was at fault for the collision 

The Benefit of a Personal Injury Lawyer

During a personal injury case that goes to trial, both sides will be able to present their evidence. This is when your personal injury lawyer is essential, as they have the expertise to carefully prepare and present your case to the judge and jury. Simons and Goldner have tried many jury trials and bench trials throughout Maryland’s Circuit and District Courts, and will not be intimidated by insurance companies and their lawyers. 

The Presentation of Evidence at Trial

Your lawyer will need to provide evidence that convinces the jury that the other driver was negligent or caused your injuries in the auto collision. Different types of evidence your lawyer can use to support your case include: 

  • Witness interviews
  • Expert interviews, which can include a doctor who treated your injuries
  • Medical records
  • Accident reports
  • Any other evidence demonstrating your injuries

The at-fault driver, the “defendant,” and their lawyer can cross-examine you or your witnesses, object to evidence, and present their side of the incident. After both sides have presented their case, the judge or jury deliberates on a decision. 

Jury Deliberation 

In Maryland, small cases are decided by District Court Judges, while more significant cases are decided in Circuit Courts by jurors. Injury claims are considered civil cases rather than criminal cases. Civil cases are more intent on helping the victim recover losses rather than finding a party guilty and administering punishment. If a jury is required for your civil case, they will decide: 

  • Who was at fault for the collision
  • How much money the insurance company should award you

If your case goes well, you should get a sufficient settlement for your damages. Most lawyers will not take a case to trial unless they think your case is powerful enough to win. If you have questions about your case, however, you should consult with your personal injury lawyer. 

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